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Irish dancing show.

If you are looking for Irish dancers for your special event or occasion you can contact us. Our Prague Irish Dancing Group is available for any local, national or international event of any significance. We can enhance your birthday, wedding, or corporate party, making it an even more unforgettable occasion for everyone.
You can choose to invite us with traditional Irish dances (examples of our traditional choreographies you can find here), or with one of our themed Irish dancing shows (examples of those you’ll find in the beginning of our Video gallery page).
When choosing a program we ask you to bear in mind that themed dancing shows are more suitable for larger events such as festivals, and that you should notify us about your choice at least 20 days prior to the performance.

What do we require.

  • Hard and non-slippery (best wooden) floor with enough space for a group of several dancers;
  • A room for changing and make-up;
  • Audio device and a someone who’ll be able to start and stop audio tracks as we need.

We will provide all required audio for the show. Please specify the format of audio you require when booking.

Teaching of Irish dances at your event.

We also offer teaching very simple Irish Dances at any event for any number of people. We can teach both in Czech and English languages.

What do we require.

  • Enough space for a group of people. Size depends on the number of your guests;
  • Hard and non-slippery (best wooden) floor. We don’t want anyone to break a leg;
  • Audio device.

We will provide all required audio. Please specify the format of audio you require when booking.

You’ll find an example of our team teaching guests of a festival in the video below:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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